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rePear.iPod liberation.


Because rePear is a hardware-related project at a very early stage of development, I need much information about user's experiences with the program. This will help to increase compatibility and add new features.

If you have successfully tried rePear, please tell me:

If rePear itself generates errors, please tell me:

If rePear doesn't work with your iPod (i.e. the iPod refuses to play), please tell me:

And of course you can always tell me your opinion about rePear: What is good, where are rough edges, what could be solved better, which feature would be nice to have?

If you want to contribute, please note that I prefer »how to« descriptions over actual code. In particular, don't even bother to send me your own modified version of my code as a complete, uncommented source package – it's your task to do the diff –u (note the »u«!).