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2009-02-25 0.4.1 supports artwork on the nano 4G

Just a small update, but a big one for users of 4th-generation iPod nanos: Cover artwork is now supported on these devices.

2008-12-19 0.4.0 is finally there

After a long, long, much too long time, there's finally the much anticipated next version. Besides a ton of bug fixes and minor enhancements, there are three really big new features this time:

2007-05-10 Playlist support in 0.3.0

It's been quite a while since I last updated the program – but now, after ten months of delay, I'm proud to release the first version with playlist support. From now on, rePear will automatically collect playlist information from .m3u files it finds. If this isn't enough, there's the possibility to turn whole directories into playlists automatically, without updating .m3u files by hand. In addition, rePear will now create a playlist that contains all tracks that are new or were changed since the last freeze.
Other than that, there has been the usual share of bugfixed and small improvements: The MP3 parser can now deal with partly broken files (ID3v2 support is still buggy, though) and rePear doesn't crash any longer if OggDec or LAME are missing when an Ogg file is encountered. Having learned from these nasty bugs, I also added a »safety net« to the freeze operation: The cache file is now written at the earliest possible point, so you likely won't lose any data if rePear crashes during Artwork or Playlist setup.
New features include automatic detection of Compilations (directories whose files all belong to the same album, but not to the same artist) and automatic detection of the track number from the file name if the track number is missing from the ID3 tags.

2006-08-02 Bugfix in 0.2.2

Only one day after the last release, I fixed one bad endianness bug.

2006-08-01 Finally, 0.2.1 does it right

I finally spotted the bug that caused the playback order of the tracks in albums become shuffled. It was such a stupid bug that I won't tell you what it was. All I can say is, shame on me ...

2006-06-07 Version 0.2.0 supports cover artwork

It's been quite a while, but finally there's a new release of rePear. 0.2.0 offers a really cool new feature – artwork support! If rePear finds JPEG or PNG file in a directory, it automatically associates this image to all tracks of this directory and its subdirectories. (So it's a good idea to keep the root directory clear of image files ...) Read the updated manual for all the fine details on Artwork support.

In other news, rePear now comes in a precompiled Windows version, packaged by py2exe. This way, rePear also runs on boxes that don't have Python installed.

2006-01-16 Version 0.1.1 with Ogg Vorbis support

If you have a huge load of Ogg Vorbis encoded music, you may be glad to hear that rePear 0.1.1 automatically transcodes Vorbis files put onto the iPod into VBR MP3 files. The conversion process is painfully slow, but it's much easier to use than having to convert all files manually beforehand.

Besides this, there are some bugfixes and minor enhancements: rePear now remembers the original filenames of »dissected« tracks. Furthermore, it automatically backs up all files it changes, which now includes the iTunesSD file needed by the iPod shuffle.

2006-01-11 First version (0.1.0) released

OK, here is it. This is the very first release, with only basic MP3 functionality, and exclusively tested with my own iPod nano only. So beware of bugs.